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Quickstart with Docker Compose

The fastest way to try Swiple locally is using Docker and Docker Compose.

1. Install Docker Engine and Docker Compose


Install Docker for Mac.


Install Docker for Windows.

2. Clone Swiple GitHub Repository

Clone Swiple GitHub Repository in your terminal with the following command:

git clone
# or
git clone

Once the command completes successfully, you should see a new swiple folder in your current directory, navigate to it.

cd swiple

3. Launch Swiple with Docker Compose

When working on the main branch, run the following commands:

docker compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yaml pull
docker compose -f docker-compose-non-dev.yaml up

This will start the following services:

  1. Swiple API
  2. Swiple UI
  3. Swiple Scheduler
  4. Swiple Setup
  5. OpenSearch Cluster
  6. PostgreSQL (Sample Data)
  7. Redis

You should start to see a wall of logging output from the containers being launched on your machine. Once the output slows, you can navigate to to see the app running.


This will bring up Swiple in a non-dev mode, changes to the codebase will not be reflected. If you would like to run Swiple in dev mode to test local changes, follow the steps in Start Developing Locally.

4. Sign in to Swiple at

Nice work! 👏 😎


Before deploying to production, make the following changes to docker/.env-non-dev

  2. Set AUTH_COOKIE_SECURE to True.
  3. Generate a new SECRET_KEY as shown in How to Update SECRET_KEY.

Good next step:

  1. Tutorials > Start monitoring your data